Our four year doctoral programme challenges our students to work on cutting-edge, innovative research projects that will address key challenges faced by industrial stakeholders. The centre’s expertise covers a range of technologies and systemic approaches that will be adopted to lower industrial emissions whilst ensuring a just and economically-viable transition, including carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS); hydrogen & sustainable fuels; CO2 removal technology; and energy & resource efficiency. Research projects will be based on these technical areas as well as how to deploy these technologies, e.g. socio-behavioural changes, environmental aspects, policy & regulation and net zero economics. Students will receive advanced-level training on the whole industrial system to contextualise their research in the net zero landscape, as well as business training. The CDT-GIF programme also offers exciting international opportunities to explore decarbonisation at a global level and work closely with industry partners to become highly employable in both industry and academic positions, offering flexibility to explore career options.

CDT GIF students will graduate with:

  • An expert, multi-faceted knowledge of their chosen PhD research area.
  • The ability to integrate and apply research within the industrial system, understanding the key barriers and opportunities for reaching net zero.
  • Business and professional skills, including secondment to an industry partner.
  • Unrivalled opportunities to visit and work in the world’s leading facilities.
  • A network of industry and third sector organisations.
  • Four years of working within a thriving PhD community.